Muddy Buddy

Super deep tread depth with 55% higher tread depth than conventional R-4 skid steer tires results in long life.  The MUDDY BUDDY is ideal for use on soft soil where high traction is required.

WolfPaws are 6.6"-8.5" wide compared to most skid steer loader tires which are 10"-14". Gives nearly double the ground pressure making it ideal for snow & ice conditions.

Camso 753

Engineered to provide enhanced traction in a variety of surface applications without sacrificing ride quality. Excellent overall durability and puncture resistance ensure maximum service life.

Wolf PaW (Snow)

​​Camso 732


The ultra premium L5 skid steer tire solution. With ultimate durability and versatility, it’s the best pneumatic tire choice for severe duty applications

WolfPaws® are 6.6”-8.5” wide, compared to most skid steer loader tiers at 10”-14”. WolfPaws® give you nearly double the ground pressure.  Available for any brand of skid steer loader. Serious productivity is lost with skid steer loaders due to lack of traction. The power is there, but skid steers can’t get it to the ground. Precious time is wasted spinning wheels rather than working. Have the absolute ultimate. Try WolfPaws®  They will simply outperform anything in winter conditions. Click on the video to see WolfPaws® in action.