Ideal for fire breaks, vegetation management, right-of-way, land clearing, site preparation, pipelines and power transmission lines as well as for road side maintenance.

The Alpine RockWheel line incorporates the latest developments in hydraulic rotary cutting technology. Ideally suited for powerful-yet-precise rock and concrete cutting, the Alpine RockWheels fill the niche for cutting ground too hard to rip, yet not hard enough to require a heavy hammer or blasting. With the widest variety of drives and sizes available we’re sure to have a cutter to suit your carrier.

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This powerful stone crusher and soil tiller incorporates the finely mulched material into the soil, where it will easily decompose. Even stones as large as 40 cm [16“] may be processed easily. 

Other Land Clearing Attachments Are Available.

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  • Crush stones on roads, farms and other areas;

  • Create and maintain gravel roads;

  • Maintaining of power and communication lines

  • Grind building rubble on construction sites;

  • Rip and remove old layers of tarmac;

  • Reclaim land for agricultural use;

  • Improve arable fields and other land;

  • Prepare soil for (re)planting;

  • Clear forests after harvesting wood


Multifunctional tiller-mulcher. It tills soil and roads, mills stumps and mulches wood. It is ideal for maintaining dirt roads, for land reclamation, for the preparation of ski slopes, to clean up slash after felling operations. It is also a great machine when the soil must be slackened, stumps and stones removed for the plantation of new trees and for seeding. 

Land Reclamation, Land Restoration, Soil Remediation, Land Clearing, Soil Reclamation. North East Attachment & Track has a solution for your specification. 

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SuperSoil- SEPPI M

Soil Tiller & Rock Crushers  

For Land Clearing and Soil Remediation nothing beats the power of Seppi M.

For newly de-forested areas due to fire  coal mined areas that have large rock, the full line of Seppi M products provide an excellent method of soil reclamation, land reclamation and mining reclamation.  The byproduct is a fertile soil environment for future farming or development use.